How Do You Germinate Marijuana Seeds

The process of growing of a new plant from a seed is called as germination. The common term for this process is called as “popping”. For any plant to grow, the first step is that of germination. You may be wondering what exactly happens during germination. This article will tell you exactly that.

How Does A Marijuana Seed Grow

During germination, the seeds break into a small white sprout. It appears like a small tail coming out of the seed from one end. This is the first root that comes out of the cannabis seed and it is also called as a Taproot. From this taproot, all other roots erupt and give the plant a firm grip within the soil. Within a day or two of sowing the seeds, the early offshoots erupt from the taproot and get longer with each passing day. These growing roots push the seed upwards after which the shell breaks and the plant emerges at the top of the growing surface. The first visible signs of growth will be small round leaves which are called as cotyledons. These tiny leaves emerge from within the cannabis seed planted by you.

These first leaves called as the cotyledons are already created within the seed during its embryonic phase. So when the process of germination begins, they simply sprout out. The shell breaks open with these leaves once it has been cracked by the emerging taproot.

Followed by the cotyledons, you can expect the next set of leaves to emerge. These are the real leaves of the cannabis plant or the so called “true” leaves. The typical characteristics of these leaves are that they have irregular edges or serrations. The first leaves grown by your seedling are these. The attributes are different than those of cotyledons.

What Do Marijuana Seeds Need To Germinate

(1) MOISTURE: The seeds need moisture and so they need to be soaked in water for at least 24 to 32 hours. But soaking them for longer than this can be harmful to the seeds

(2) WARMTH: The seeds need warmth in order to germinate. The best climate is spring time so that it is not too hot. Seeds germinate best in cool climates even though it takes slightly longer. The combination of warmth and moisture is just what the seeds need to sprout.

(3) PEACE: When growing cannabis seeds, you need to ensure that the seeds are left alone without much noise or disturbance till the time the taproot has erupted.

(4) POSITION OF THE SEEDS: It is very important to maintain the seed position when planting it in the soil. You should always plant the root downwards. Another thing that you need to take care of is that seeds should not be planted very deep down. The distance between the seed and the growing medium should be only half to one inch (2.5 cms). Planting it very deep can make it difficult for the taproot to erupt out.

(5) WATER: the young and newly sprouted seedlings should never be allowed to dry up. This is especially important if you are planting your seeds during summer. In case the surrounding water dries up, the seedling will die because they are very fragile. In order to grow, the roots need to be kept moist and hydrated at all times. You must ensure to set up a watering mechanism for indoor and greenhouse plants. For outdoor plants, you must water them regularly and also keep them shaded from strong heat.

(6) SURROUNDINGS: The best climate for seeds to germinate is summer. If the humidity in the air is higher, the seeds will thrive better. The reason is that when the seedlings are small and robust, they can absorb moisture from the atmosphere. A very dry and warm climate is not so favorable for the seedlings. Hence the best time to grow your seeds is spring.

To ensure that the plants get enough warmth, you can also use incandescent bulbs. These bulbs help in generating heat and aids in the process of germination. Another option is using a heating pad. The main objective is to keep the seeds warm and moist as much as possible.

(7) SEED QUALITY: The best marijuana seeds are those that are dark green and hard. The ones that are pale green or whitish in color may not germinate even if the conditions are favorable. This is the thumb rule but off course there are exceptions too. Many a times it has been seen that the pale green seeds too germinate to give excellent results. So as long as a seed germinated, it is taken to be a good healthy seed.

Methods Of Germination

METHOD 1: Using Plugs And Starter Cubes

(1) The easiest and most popular method of germination is using Starter cubes and Seedling plugs. These are ready soil mixes where you simply need to place the seed in the centre and water the plant in order to get a germinated plant. Pinch the top to close the seed opening and that is it. This is a sure shot method and you should use it when dealing with expensive seeds or clones. The only concern is that once you open a packet, you need to use up the cubes in a week or two else they dry up. They work in all growing conditions including soil, coco coir and hydrophonics.

(2) Rapid rooters mat is another option. Here you have to pull out a plug and insert a seed in it. They can stand on their own without support due to a flat bottom. If you want a portable and compact version then you can opt for Rapid Rooters Tray.

(3) Rockwool cubes are used for hydrophonic cannabis growers. It is a non expensive method but is non biodegradable and is bad for your lungs.

(4) Jiffy Pellets are used for soil or coco coir growing of cannabis seeds. These pellets need to be inserted into warm water so that they expand in size. Gently squeeze them and use them to plant the seed.

METHOD 2: Direct Use Of Growing Medium

The cannabis seeds can be germinated by sowing them directly into the growing medium. This could be soil, coco coir etc

METHOD 3: Using A Germination Station

METHOD 4: Overnight Soaking Of Cannabis Seeds

These are the germination methods of the plant following which it has to be implanted so that it can grow into a big plant.