A Guide to grow marijuana

Growing marijuana was never so easy. There are lots of tips available for any person to grow these plants. These days the growing of marijuana plants is becoming common place because there is no legislation against the growth of these plants. Some of the tips and helpful guidelines on growing these plants are listed here:

1. Get the best seeds: It is always best to grow marijuana plants from good quality seeds. If course, these plants can be grown by cloning them too, but better would be to grow them from seeds. There are good high quality seeds available on the internet and you will need to buy them and grow them. You can also buy the seeds from other dealers. If you live in a state where it is legal to grow marijuana plants, you will be able to buy them from any dealer who sells seeds.

2. Grow the plants in sunshine and air: Marijuana plants are not ones that need a lot of shade. On the other hand, they are plants that need a lot of light and air. When there is adequate sunshine and if the growing area is well ventilated, you will be able to have a good crop.

3. Use the right soil: The soil should not be too acidic or it should not be too alkaline. If you would like to grow marijuana plants, the soil should have the right pH. Even when you water these plants, the right pH of the water should be maintained for optimal growth. You need not check the pH of the soil and water each time, but once you know that the soil is good for plantation, it is more than sufficient.

4. Harvesting at the right time: It is also important to harvest the plant at the right time. If the plant is too young or if the plant is too old, then the desired effect will not be obtained. The right time to harvest the plant can be identified when the buds become rusty in colour or brown in colour. At this time, you will know that the plant is ripe for harvest.

If all these tips are followed as a guide when you grow the marijuana plant, you can ensure that you have the best crop. Remember that even if your country or state allows you to plant these medicinal plants, you may need a license to grow them, sell them or use them. You may also need to pay a tax on the sale of these plants.

Example of top marijuana seeds: